The Frets

Sat Apr 27 @ 07:00PM


The Frets are a guitar/vocals and mandolin duo based in Cork city,Ireland who play a wide variety of music, ranging from Jazz swing, Country rock, bluegrass and instrumental traditional music from Ireland,America Scandinavia,Greece and Italy. A gig for the Frets is not just another gig, we like to interact with the people we play for and a certain member of the duo, if he's in the right humour, can be seen to give the odd Irish dancing lesson while also playing his guitar. The Frets have toured internationally throughout Scandinavia, Holland and Belgium. Pat Comerford is the Frets lead singer and guitarist. Pat hails from Cork and his musical influences range from Jazz swing, country blues, bluegrass and contemporary music. Pat has a wealth of musical experience under his belt, performing with folk / traditional, Jazz, rock and contemporary groups on both sides of the Irish border and internationally. Dave Barry plays mandolin and is also from Cork. Dave has played music with a variety of groups in Ireland as a bassist and mandolinist. Dave is also a well seasoned musician and has toured with rock, contemporary, traditional / folk and Cajun groups both nationally and internationally.

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