Job Description: Duty Manager

Job Title: Duty Manager

Department: Management

Reporting to: Senior Management

Responsible for: Beverage and staff operations

Position Summary:

The Duty manager must ensure the bar operates smoothly, with sufficient stock and staff at all times. The ideal candidate in this position must thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, maintaining a courteous demeanor with customers, as well as effectively make use of downtime. Strong leadership and personnel management skills should be accompanied by a customer service orientation and commitment to company values and image. The bar manager pays close attention to all operational details to ensure the comfort, safety and enjoyment of guests and job satisfaction of staff, as well as the financial success of the establishment.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

● Prepare weekly schedules for bartender, barback and server staff to adequately cover all shifts. Provide for coverage in case of employee absence and adjust staffing as necessary to meet business demands.

● Monitor inventory of beverages to ensure adequate stock is maintained and to prevent excess pours or abuse by staff. Requisition purchases as needed.

● Oversee cleanliness of staff and physical bar area, paying special attention to possible health hazards and code violations.

● Review sales and beverage costs, and reconcile any discrepancies in accounting. Ensure proper cash management.

● Resolve customer complaints promptly and according to company guidelines.

● Oversee the preparation of beverages and ensure quality of product serve

● To report for duty on time and in the correct uniform.

● Follow rigidly and observe all hygiene regulations.

● Ensure the accuracy of all floats by checking them and reporting irregularities.

● Responsible for the efficient dispensing and servicing of drinks and food if required.

● To carry out Customer Relations Policy.

● To communicate our services and facilities to guests as required.

● To ensure that the guests’ needs and requirements are met.

● To ensure a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming.

● To ensure that all reasonable care is taken for the health and safety of yourself, other employees, guests and other persons on the premises.

● To carry out fire drills.

● To observe all safety procedures and rules.

● To report and where possible take action on incidents of accidents or damage.

● To attend all training courses as notified to you by management.

● To carry out any other duties as may be notified to you by management.

● To ensure that all fire doors are closed and that fire routes are kept clear at all times.

● To be aware and comply with company policy regarding: Fire, Health & Safety, Hygiene, Food Hygiene, Customer Care & Security.

● To read, understand and comply with your responsibilities as defined in the Health & Safety Statement and Staff Handbook.

● To attend meeting/training sessions as required.

● To carry out any other reasonable request made by Management.

● During peak times it may be necessary to work in other similar related departments ie day porters/reception

Skills & Qualifications / People Skills & Attributes

● Proficiency with point-of-sale software.

● Extensive working knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

● Knowledge of local and state regulations related to alcohol service and health code compliance.

● Competency in resource management and inventory control.

● Customer service orientation.

● Knowledge of basic accounting principles, personnel management and marketing

● Excellent communication skills

● Mixology skills

● Excellent team working skills

● Customer awareness

● Excellent numeracy skills

● Excellent time management and prioritisation skills

● Works well under pressure

● Resilience

● Attention to detail

● A good memory

● Being highly motivated, with a positive energy and enthusiasm for the Company, and for the role.

● Being professional and behaving with integrity at all times.

● Flexibility and adaptability.

● Having previous experience of working as a Bar Staff or similar

Further Information:

The Reardens Group will ensure that you will:

● Have the necessary training and resources to carry out your role effectively;

● Be provided with written documentation outlining your role and function, including any function that may be prescribed by regulation or legislation.

● Have clearly established performance reviews with pre-agreed measurable objectives

● Have access to:

o Internal assistance and support from Senior Management

o External assistance if required

o Training and development opportunities